Green Apple Landscaping
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  • Work locally within 25km of our office in the GTA and most of our staff use TTC, carpooling or bikes to get to job sites.
  • Use bio-diesel (vegetable oil and diesel) in our trucks and excavators.
  • Have installed new emission control devices on our trucks and excavators that reduce pollutants by 95%.
  • Use “Smart” vehicle for sales and management staff – reducing our fuel consumption by 70%.
  • When we are working at a site more than 10km from our office, we leave our truck at the site to eliminate the daily commute.
  • Use drip irrigation instead of spray heads to water plants more efficiently.
  • We communicate via email between our clients and internally to reduce the amount of paper we use.
  • Minimize home energy costs using trees for shade in the summer and to let sun heat the house in the winter.
  • Bring our lunches to work most days with reusable containers including coffee mugs.
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